XR with Impact
XR with Impact

XR with Impact

Sustainability and Untold Stories
Thu 25 May from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Auckland Central Library
General Admission
Container makes visible the ‘invisiblized’ bodies enabling our consumer society. Confronting slavery through an ever-transforming shipping container, the past becomes the present, the invisible become visible. We witness the shards of society: the ghosts of the past and living spectres of the modern world.
Our journey begins at Clifton beach, Cape Town where lie the graves of the 221 enslaved men and women who drowned in shackles when a Portuguese slave ship sank in 1794. Following chains, we dive into the depths of the ocean in search of the ancestors, the missing, that haven’t been laid to rest yet. A shipping container emerges, the doors burst open, we enter the darkness. What follows is an ever-morphing transmutation of dark societal truths within the bounds of a shipping container: a non-linear world across time and space that presents different tableaus of the enslaved silently suffering. We witness a wounded man in a sugarcane plantation crawl into a colonial house where an overworked maid reveals the scene of a massage parlour. The journey culminates at a container depot where boxes are being packed and unpacked, feeding into an endless circulation of goods, in service of a consumerist society enabled by the millions who came before and are still trapped in servitude.


Humans have always faced certain challenges when attempting to understand and empathise with animals. This has proven to be a real problem for animal rights activists who aim to protect endangered species from being wiped out by environmentally unfriendly practices. The MYRIAD project aims to solve this problem by presenting members of the general public with a poetic virtual reality experience that follows the migratory journeys of bald ibises, arctic foxes and green sea turtles. It's a passionate call to arms on behalf of the animal rights movement and it makes a strong emotional appeal in favour of environmentalism.

Nobody's Listening

Created in collaboration with the NGO Yazda and Upstream Projects, "Nobody's Listening" is a groundbreaking educational and human rights initiative to commemorate the Yazidi genocide by ISIS in 2014. Attached to the exhibition is an advocacy campaign that aims to build public awareness, and to refocus international attention on the need to hold ISIS to account for their crimes against Yazidis, Christians and other religious minorities in the region. Compiled from the testimony of the survivors "Nobody's Listening" takes the viewer on one of three narratives, recounting the experiences of those caught up in the atrocities.

Missing Pictures

For every movie made, dozens of pictures remain missing forever. MISSING PICTURES gives directors a chance to tell the story that would otherwise never be told. Each episode invites one filmmaker to narrate some key points of the movie, why the movie was so important for them at the time and why it was never made. These filmmakers are given the opportunity to integrate footage that was volumetrically captured into real-time animation, which gives viewers an abstract sense of what their projects would have looked like if they had been made.

Auckland Central Library

44/46 Lorne Street CBD, Auckland, 1010